COVID Vaccine Started in Assam for 18 Years Citizens

Online Registration for COVID Vaccine in Assam has been started for the citizen of Assam aged more than 18 years. Here is Step-by-Step Guide.

Since Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has started receiving the online registrations citizen can submit their details accordingly at the official Co-WIN website.

Registration COVID Vaccine

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Online Registration COVID Vaccine in Assam Details

Name of Disease: Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19)

Vaccination Authority: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Eligibility: The person should be an Indian Citizen with having a valid identification documents.

Age Limit: Currently, online registration is being received only from persons whose age is more than 18 years on the day of vaccination.

Registration Fee: There is no registration charge.

Helpline: 1075 (Toll Free) and 01123978046.

What You Need To Register for COVID Vaccine

One who want to register for COVID Vaccine will be required the following particulars-

  1. Valid Mobile No. – Person must have an mobile no. Upto 4 persons can use a Mobile no for registration as a family. Ensure you are using the mobile no. which is active as of now as an OTP will be send while registration.
  2. Valid Identity Proof: While registration a documents will be required as a proof of Identity and as age proof. Following documents will be considered as valid –
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Driving License
    • PAN Card
    • Passport
    • Pension Passbook
    • NPR Smart Card
    • Voter ID

How To Register for COVID Vaccine? Step-by-Step Guide-

In order to register for COVID 19 Vaccine in Assam, We have 2 ways of Registration –

  2. Aarogya Setu App
  3. UMANG App

Lets check step-by-step:

Screenshot 1

  • Enter Your Mobile Number to Get OTP.
  • A 6 digit One Time Password will be sent to you and enter the password.
  • Now You Will Be Logged in.
Screenshot 1 - Covid 19 Registration
Screenshot 1 – Covid 9 Registration

Screenshot 2

  • Click on the Register Member Button.
Screenshot 2 - Covid 19 Registration
Screenshot 2 – Covid 19 Registration

Screenshot 3

  • Enter your (1st person) details as showin in the image.
Screenshot 3 - Covid 19 Registration
Screenshot 3 – Covid 19 Registration

Screenshot 4

  • Once 1st person Registered, Click on the Add Member if you want to add more person to your family.
  • Repeat the last step to put the person details and save.
Screenshot 4 - Covid 19 Registration
Screenshot 4 – Covid 19 Registration

Repeat the process again if you have more member or else you are done.

After completing the registration process you will find “Schedule Now” button below the names.

Pls note that “Schedule Now” button will not work as of now since the COVID vaccination process for the 18+ aged citizen  are yet to start. This the just the Registration Program only. 

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